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Sizes & Finishes

We offer all sizes from wallets thru Thirty by Forty. Wall sizes are avialable in finishes that do not require glass when framing, including a special style that is mounted on artist canvas. It has the look and feel of a real painting.

Fineart Styles

This finish is designed to simulate the look of a watercolor or lithograph. Special artwork is applied to the portrait to create the watercolor look. The image is than printed on 100 percent acid free archival art paper. A border is created that blends the image into the background.

Composites & Collages

We can custom design for you a series of portraits that are individually framed, and joined into a beautiful arrangement for your wall decor. This can be done either with traditional framing, or they can be mounted onto flush borderless blocks, creating a contemporary three dimensional look.
In addition, we can create a composite of multiple images combined onto one sheet of photographic paper. All these collages are finished so that they do not require glass when framing.